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[DS-discuss]Re: your mail

From: Suraj Kumar
Subject: [DS-discuss]Re: your mail
Date: Wed, 28 May 2003 01:24:18 -0500
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Rahul Sundaram wrote on Wed, May 28, 2003 at 07:02:26AM +0100: 
| no ms-bashing

I agree  completely. This  is very important  and works very  well for

| ok.i will have to trust u on that.

thats  just my  -real-time-thoughts- because  I've never  ever thought
about such a condition occuring to address@hidden because of FSF.

| i am  against the use of a  confusing term such as  free.i believe gnu
| should  have   avoided  this  and  uses  the   term  freedom  software
| instead. the  term open  source is much  more appealing to  the people
| than free software.  every time i use it i  have differentiate it with
| freeware  which is kind  of annoying.  of course  we can  use regional
| words but they  are workarounds and free software  remains a confusing
| term.

but thats why fsf-INDIA talks  of 'swatantra' software.  I'm still not
sure about the  real equivalent tamizh term for  this. (no, thalaiyaru
menkalam  doesn't  look like  its  talking  of  freedom until  one  is
explained  what  it means.   again  it  becomes  like the  term  'free
software' where one needs to be explained what the word means. I think
thalaiyaru menkalam, to the unexplained person, would probably justify
'everything-is-free-here' types, not GNU).

| right.  that  means  i  can   use  the  term  linux  and  continue  to
|  fsf  doesnt  force  anything.whats raman  worried  about
| then?. he has his concerns.are they invalid?

yes you can, but its not  recommended because it will confuse and blur
the  starting-point of  this entire  effort. It  wouldn't  explain how
GNU/Linux came  into existence and that  means there would  have to be
some sort of  a 'note' in every book that you  write telling about the
history of this project.

| i am  not asking anyone  to employ  point was that if  fsf funds
| people who  are interested we  dont have to work would
| move at a faster address@hidden  wont recieve the funds it requires
| from anywhere else  as far as i know.suraj might put  money out of his
| pocket now. i dont think thats a solution. atleast i dont believe this
| should be a permanent thing. there are  a lot of ifs and buts here and
| i dont like that

hehe...   you speak  as though  I have  spent thousands  of  rupees so
far... to  tell you the  truth its just  about five hundred  rupees or
so... :)

but yes, your  point is very valid.  FSF  would fund when address@hidden
proceeds convincingly well.


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