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Re: GDL2 - patches for OSX (1)

From: David Ayers
Subject: Re: GDL2 - patches for OSX (1)
Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 22:59:31 +0100
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David Ayers wrote:

Stéphane Corthésy wrote:

        EOControl/EODeprecated.h: new file declaring some deprecated
        methods/classes/symbols; methods/classes/symbols are still
        implemented but should no longer be used; they are no longer
        declared in their respective header files.

    Hmm. ok we should have the file but as those methods are not
    really depricated for WO4.5, in fact we'll have to look in from
    where they came. I think we should create the file an insert those
    things that were depricated for WO4.5 (EOUndoManager, NSObject
    -flushClassKeyBindings, EOClassDescription delegate handling and
    the hint keys. If you know what the depricated methods do and
    supply an implementation (I guess I'll create EODepricated.m file
    for the above anyway) then we could consider including them.

In fact, only declaration of methods/symbols has been moved to EODeprecated.h, as mentioned: implementation is still in the old location. No need to create a EODeprecated.m file.

Yes, I figured that, but I was thinking of putting those implementations into this file, which were not part of WO4.5 to keep them out of the orignal file... but you are probably right, make the changes in the original file (maybe in categories with a name identifying them to be no WO4.5 for now.

Hi Stephane,

The patch contained the following for EODepricated.h:

EOCONTROL_EXPORT NSString *EOPrefetchingRelationshipHintKey;
EOCONTROL_EXPORT NSString *EOPromptAfterFetchLimitHintKey;

@interface EOFetchSpecification(EODeprecated)

- (void)setRawAttributeKeys: (NSArray *)rawAttributeKeys;
- (NSArray *)rawAttributeKeys;
- (void)setAllVariablesRequiredFromBindings: (BOOL)allVariablesRequired;
- (BOOL)allVariablesRequiredFromBindings;


In fact in our implementation, these would be declared twice as they are declared in EOFetchSpecification.h and since this file must also include EOFetchSpecification.h this becomes quite redundant.

Now there is an EODepricated.h on WO4.5 also. But this file contains something like this:

@interface NSObject (EODeprecatedKeyValueCodingCacheControl)
+ (void)flushClassKeyBindings;

@interface EOUndoManager : NSUndoManager

- (void)reenableUndoRegistration;    // Use - (void)enableUndoRegistration;

- (void)registerUndoWithTarget:(id)object selector:(SEL)selector arg:(id)anObject; // Use - (void)registerUndoWithTarget:(id)target selector:(SEL)selector object:(id)anObject;
- (void)forgetAll;    // Use - (void)removeAllActionsWithTarget:(id)target;
- (void)forgetAllWithTarget:(id)target; // Use - (void)removeAllActionsWithTarget:(id)target;

EOCONTROL_EXTERN NSString *EOUndoManagerCheckpointNotification;
   // Use NSUndoManagerCheckpointNotification

@interface EOClassDescription(EODeprecated)
+ (void)setDelegate:(id)delegate;    // Use +setClassDelegate
+ (id)delegate;    // Use +classDelegate

I would planing in putting the above in EODepricated.h (and supplying implementation where necessary) and merely include EOFetchSpecification.h.



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