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Re: gnustep-make roadmap

From: Richard Frith-Macdonald
Subject: Re: gnustep-make roadmap
Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2005 16:45:20 +0100

On 2005-10-26 15:52:17 +0100 Jeremy Bettis <address@hidden> wrote:

* better support for Windows, including framework support for Windows
(patches pending from Jeremy, my fault for not having found the time to
study and apply them yet) ... and potentially some sort of auto-packaging
of Windows applications if I ever get the time to study that matter
[this second is unlikely]

You speak of auto-packaging for windows applications. Windows installers are so easy to create with InnoSetup, that it might not be worth doing that. How about I send you a sample innosetup file that could get put into some FAQ somewhere on the web site and we call it good.

I know nothing about InnoSetup ... but presumably if it was built into gnustep-make it would be even easier? If it's a case of creating an 'innosetup file' and running a program, I guess gnustep-make could do that for you.

For me, the ideal system would be to have 'make package' build the appropriate package for the platform it was run on... perhaps printing a message telling you where the package is and how to install it (or putting the package in a subdirectory with a README that tells you how to install it).

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