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Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks

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Subject: Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 22:03:32 GMT
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But to run another one-time-only later then you need another
filename, and you can't ever remove them or it will run
again.  The other idea of seems cleaner,
but then there is no assurance that the command will run at
all (if there is a network problem, for example, during that
hourly run).  I get a couple of failed connection errors a day
from remote hosts).
   I'm not sure there is an elegant solution for this problem.


In article <address@hidden>,
   address@hidden wrote:
> The trick is to make the one-off thing convergent.
> For instance, one completing the action create a file flag
> that shows that it has been done:
> classes:
>  DoOnceOnly = ( !FileExists(/var/run/cfengine/onceonly) )
> shellcommands:
>  DoOnceOnly::
>    "OnceOnlyScript" define=done
> files:
>  done::
>    /var/run/cfengine/onceonly action=create
> You should check the details. It's late here and I have been drinking ;)
> M
> On 10 Jul, Ferguson, Steve wrote:
>> I'm interested in hearing how people are applying cfengine to perform "one
>> off" system management tasks.  It's fairly obvious how one would insert a
>> new configuration task in on a recurring basis.  But how would you approach
>> a task that you only want to execute one time?  I've got a few different
>> ideas in mind, but I'd like to hear what other folks have been doing in
>> practice before I commit to any one process.
>> Steve

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