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Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks

From: Christopher DeMarco
Subject: Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 07:53:59 +0800
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Good question -  I'll be interested to   hear how my method  stacks up
against the oldbies' ;)

`,`,`,`,`, cut here ,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,

       AddInstallable = ( SPECIAL some_job )
       !SPECIAL:: actionsequence = ( 
       SPECIAL:: actionsequence = (
              normal:: # whatever
              SPECIAL.some_job:: # everwhat

`,`,`,`,`, cut here ,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,`,

So whenever I want to run my special case, I invoke cfagent with
       cfagent -D SPECIAL -D some_job

This  requires that EVERYTHING  be labelled with  a class,  though - I
have some "run-always" actions  like ntp and copying cfagent.conf from
the master, but I have everything linked to a class to keep my SPECIAL
cases as fast as possible.
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  Christopher DeMarco
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