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Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks

From: Jamie Wilkinson
Subject: Re: Strategy for "one-off" tasks
Date: Sat, 12 Jul 2003 12:08:56 +1000
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This one time, at band camp, Ferguson, Steve wrote:
>I have a software audit script.  It'll report all packages on the system
>from a particular vendor.  I only want to run this once, get the output, and
>send it off to the business types who have to reconcile it with invoices and
>It's done maybe annually, if that often.  I only want it run when I'm
>sitting there, at the keyboard, actually looking at the output.  So it's
>essentially a once-only manual task.

You know, cron didn't disappear when cfengine arrived ;-)  I use cfengine to
maintaing a few crontabs; you could get the job to mail you and that way
you'll be sitting at the keyboard to look at the output.


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