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Re: anyone running cfengine2 on debian sarge?

From: Brendan Strejcek
Subject: Re: anyone running cfengine2 on debian sarge?
Date: Wed, 30 Jun 2004 08:16:04 -0500
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Jamie Wilkinson wrote:

> Andrew Stribblehill wrote:
> > What would you suggest? I have to keep Cfengine to the FHS and that
> > means having binaries available from /usr/{s,}bin and config files
> > from /etc. Equally, I don't want to diverge too far from upstream
> > Cfengine. At present, I think this is the right balance between the
> > two requirements but I'll listen to arguments otherwise. It *is*
> > ugly; give me something better.
> I'd like to suggest that what you are calling "config files" are
> nothing of the sort.

I totally agree. /var/cfengine should not be considered config files
except on the master. It is a cache. I suspect the only compromise you
should make between cfengine and Debian policy is locating the workdir
in /var/lib/cfengine2 rather than /var/cfengine.

This is still annoying, since that path needs to show up in update.conf;
this could be mitigated by a WorkDir special variable, so the string
/var/cfengine never need appear explicitly. Last time I looked through
the documentation I could not find something like that. If there does
not exist a variable like this already, consider this a feature request.

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