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RE: Copy command copies directories I don't want

From: Ed Brown
Subject: RE: Copy command copies directories I don't want
Date: Thu, 25 Aug 2005 08:50:54 -0600

On Wed, 2005-08-24 at 19:14, Mark wrote:
> One copy action per file really doesn't seem very scalable...

If you're looking for scalable, you should look into the templating
solution that Tim Nelson mentioned.  If you are talking about a dozen or
less config files under etc, well you have to decide what's easiest.

> And splitting up the files into all kinds of different subdirectories is 
> probably not scalable either. 
> Are you actually using this approach? It seems to me like uou will end up 
> with a new branch for each class combination/permutation
> and figuring out what is where and whether all the files are where the belong 
> will be a pain... Or am I wrong?

If your idea is to put every file that you need copied to your clients
under one file-system-mirror directory tree and use multiple copy
statements that differ only in the includes/excludes/filters, I've one
word of advice: don't.  This is REALLY not scalable.  Besides the
limitations of those parameters that you've already fought with, what do
you do when you need two different versions of the same file?

I don't think there's one way to organize your sources.  But absolutely
you will want a structure that reflects to some degree classes that you
have defined (or hard classes). 


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