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Re: cfengine Mac packages, universal binaries, and mass deployment

From: Chris Kacoroski
Subject: Re: cfengine Mac packages, universal binaries, and mass deployment
Date: Tue, 24 Jan 2006 08:44:25 -0800
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I did not make myself clear. By package management I mean a tool that installs, upgrades, downgrades, tracks the installed packages, allows reporting on them, and uninstalls them (e.g. like apt on debian or the windows registry). Mac OSX is totally lacking in that regard. There is no standards on how to install a package and no database for tracking packages.



Brendan Strejcek wrote:
Chris Kacoroski wrote:

The only way was to touch each one by hand as the Mac has no package

I don't think this is completely true, though I admin to not having done
complicated package management on OS X.

For how to install packages at the command line:

    man 8 installer

Example use:

    installer -verbose -pkg DarwinPorts.mpkg -target /

And here is a page that decribes how to build a package:

(Sorry for the slightly off-topic message.)


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