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Re: [swarm-hackers] swarm 2.3.0 release

From: Scott Christley
Subject: Re: [swarm-hackers] swarm 2.3.0 release
Date: Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:02:08 -0700

On Apr 8, 2009, at 8:48 PM, Paul Johnson wrote:

glen e. p. ropella wrote:
Paul Johnson wrote:
I don't know. I just know that my Swarm installations (from last year)
work on Hardy and don't on Intrepid.

What trouble is in your mind to recommend using the Hardy package???

Same error you got with the TclInterp.

OK, Glen wins a prize. The blt deb packages from Hardy do work with Swarm-2.3.0 on Intrepid.

Since I've re-built blt about 9 times and Swarm 10 times in the past 2 days, I'm pretty disgusted by the situation and I'm going to make it my business to find out how the blt packager for Intrepid broke the functionality we need. With the EXACT SAME blt base code, it is astounding to me that they would break something so horribly.

I installed a completely new ubuntu 8.10 along with tcl/tk 8.4 and the blt-dev package. Swarm fails to compile as it cannot find tcl8.5, so essentially the blt package on ubuntu does not support tcl8.4. I suppose maybe this was a packaging decision, we could file a ubuntu bug and ask them to provide a 8.4 compatible package, or provide one ourselves.

I'm not sure if moving Swarm to tcl/tk 8.5 is an easy or hard task.


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