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Re: [DS-discuss]Re: msql

From: Ganesh Swami
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss]Re: msql
Date: Thu, 29 May 2003 00:01:34 -0700


On Thu, 29 May 2003 06:03:58 +0100 (BST)
Rahul Sundaram <address@hidden> wrote:

> hi


> if dual license clashes are there why isnt the big
> heads making noises?

This seems to be the latest game on the block. Since the authors
continue to hold their copyright on the code, they are free to license
it under any damn license in the world.

This is directly against RMS's idea of a Free World.

I also know a couple of companies that release code under a BSD/MIT
license, fork it, and beat BS 'round the bush.

It _seems_ hard to pursue a valid business logic with GPL-ed software.
You've got to be _very_ innovative. 

Take Redhat for example:

1. Customers will probably hire them for system software (gcc, kernel)
because of the complexity involved. This is serious stuff ;)

2. Innovate and "burn". They write a lot of stuff for GNOME, release it
as a Redhat exclusive, and then give back to the community as GPLed

Hans Reiser (of the ReiserFS fame) dual licenses with NON-DISCLOSURE
ReiserFS code. Hell, Microsoft may come with ReiserFS, you will never

There are ways to circumvent this. Keyword : OpenMOSIX. Mail back if you
want me to elaborate.

And now, back to google looking for howto disable probing on X startup
(for ILUGC) =)


> regards
> rahul

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