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Re: [DS-discuss] Re: A nice guide to Debian GNU/Linux

From: Rahul Sundaram
Subject: Re: [DS-discuss] Re: A nice guide to Debian GNU/Linux
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 19:47:58 +0100 (BST)


> I am speaking from the experiences of mingling with
> Debian developers as 
> late as last month 

me too. i do read archives dating long back to the
present stuff in order to understand whats going on

> where Martin M. was proclaiming the purity of
> Debian's freedom.
> I like the Debian and its anarchic community and all
> but my impressions 
> of them and their scope is that they have a much
> narrow viewpoint and 
> ambitions... than say...FSF's.

i dont see it that way. debian is no more narrow than
FSF as i perceive it.  of course you are entitled to
your opinions and i am not complaining at all.

> I am very sure about the problems with GFDL is due
> to their over zealous 
> approach.

not at all. the present of provisions for invariant
sections and cover text creates specific problems
including the requirement that the manual be kept
machine readable

for example

i can add a statement as childish as windows sucks or
linux is the new god or some stuff as invariant to an
otherwise professional doc.

fdl'ed docs cannot be encryted as per the license due
to the interpretation of machine readability. read
thru the license and you will find the complexity

there was pointers to many practical problems. i am
not saying it will affect everyone but that i can and
debian considers this aspect as non free. 

we can however ignore this stand and continue to use
fdl docs if it serves our purposes.

> > 
> > for example rms said that he supports linex more
> than
> > debian bcoz they dont like to non free software
> unlike
> > debian
> > 
> Please send me any references to this if you can

here. take a look

i am not bashing rms or debian. just pointing out
there are conflicts and you may choose to form
opinions reading thru both sides

rahul sundaram

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