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[DS-discuss] Re: debian and rms

From: Rahul Sundaram
Subject: [DS-discuss] Re: debian and rms
Date: Sat, 30 Aug 2003 04:04:13 +0100 (BST)



 >1) rms mentioned that gnu doesnt link with debian
> >because of non free software descriptions in
> debian. a
> >quick search found that it was not true.
> >
> lists the output of search by the description 'java'
> in
> distibution: stable;  section:non-free

you got it wrong the wrong way :-).

debian does describe non free software. gnu also links
to debian unlike what rms said.

> I am constantly surprised by the varied variety of
> fans of the 
> principals behind free software.
> Have you discussed the underlying issues with her?

she came up with one issue i didnt have a solution
for. she wants to voice chat and view webcam with my
cousin in the US. she used yahoo for this. the webcam
didnt work and the yahoo doesnt support this under
linux. so i had to switch back to windows for her.

rahul sundaram

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