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Re: Release schedule

From: Nicolas Roard
Subject: Re: Release schedule
Date: Wed, 02 Apr 2003 07:18:42 +0100

On 2003-03-31 23:12:32 +0000 Nicola Pero <address@hidden> wrote:

Perhaps if someone can come up with better wording, then we could agree
on a change.

Hmm, how about:
The primary goal for core/ is to provide an implementation of the
FoundationKit and ApplicationKit interfaces of OPENSTEP, which was
essentially a superset of the OpenStep specification.

I thought that OpenStep specs were Foundation + AppKit ? the sentence is a bit
confusing or unclear for me -- something like "the primary goal is to offer
a free implementation of the OpenStep specification" seems enough ?

OpenStep and OPENSTEP are static today. Apple provides Cocoa, which is
based on the same interfaces but has numerous additions and changes. It
is not our goal to track these changes.

This sentence directly upsets an important part of our user base, who *is* 
expecting us to track these changes.

Well it seems that it's quite problematic to have *today* a working, stable, 
implementation. Imho, it should be preferable to stick for a moment with the 
OpenStep API and try to stabilize things... -- feature freeze -- .
Anyway, personnally I think it could be interessting to offer Cocoa 
compatibility if
possible (as it's not so far), but ideally it should be an extra layer, clearly 
from -base and -gui ...

Nicolas Roard

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